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Survival of the fittest

During these times of pandemic - a cycle of lockdown and uncertainty has worried everyone. Each one of us misses the social life. Video calls, online lessons and dinner parties have become the new way of social life. Many people are of the view that this is the new normal. Henceforth this lifestyle will continue, social distancing is the new norm. Well, I just got a thought that we are in the world were there are machines for almost everything. A new robotic way of doing things is in progress, an emerging space science is on the way and currently with the unbeatable speed in medical science. With all this technology and science I doubt that distancing will be a new norm. Every space institute is striving to achieve their goals. Do you think that they are doing this so that people can never meet or see each other? Elon Musk wants to build a new world on Mars. Jeff Besos wants to reform earth so that only humans can live on it. Achieving that by shifting manufacturing to spac

Little Joys

When my younger one was delivered, the hospital was crowded with around 20 of my own family members. Others came later to visit us. I was shocked to see so much crowd. My elder one being born in UK with only my parents being around, this was my first delivery in India. Even after having two amazing kids I still cant get enough of being mother. Not that I want more kids. But to live those special moments again. Yet again, I am not talking about the pregnancy phase or the delivery one (absolutely not). But the one when the new born baby comes into your arms. Touching those tiny little fingers, the soft delicate skin. A little cooing. Soft cries, a moment when you forget all your physical pain, problems, mentally emotionally, your look. A new mum is probably the most ugly and tired person in the room, yet the most beautiful. Its the moment when everyone is praising the beautiful child. Family comparing the baby with mother, father, some with grandparents and some with sibling. Parents sha