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Can we have our bench back?

I would like to share an incident of my junior college days. We were around 17 or 18 years old. We were in higher secondary school - the academic year where almost everyone is almost done with their studies before the actual start of the year. Hence, we friends were on revision. We would attend college only in early hours of day where we had got practical classes to attend. That means an hour or two of college and before even a proper morning would rise we would be back at home. As I was a keen learner my dad had offered me to join his business to learn and also to help him. Hence he had asked me to be available at 9 in the morning. I would wake at 5:30 and reached college by 6:30 attend the classes, which would last till 8:30, and reach to help my dad at 9. This went for days and months. It was not only me who was following this schedule but a lot of my friends and classmates too would do this. Until one day the head of the college realized that lesser and lesser students are attendin

First International Travel

Miami ! Yes. That was my first international destination. Unfortunately it was not my pleasure travel but an official one. I was excited about my first international travel, like everyone. A 24 hour transit journey 'Mumbai - Frankfurt - Miami'. It was a night flight. I reached airport 4 hours earlier. I waved goodbye to my parents. Checked-in my luggage and took the boarding pass in my hands.  Now I realize that how much stressed I was during that moment. For accurate luggage weight, getting boarding pass, passing immigration and security till the flight actually took off. I was overwhelmed. Yes. It was strange to have mixed emotions of being happy yet sad. The thought of going so far away from my parents, made me sad. Yet, I was looking forward to my new assignment with new team and at a new place. I was tired for mainly 2 reasons: first it was 3 am, I wanted to sleep and secondly I had travelled nearly 3 hours to get to airport from my town. Finally the flight too