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From Dusk to Dawn the Hunt is still On

A blood curdling scream startled everyone in the village. I ran towards the scream just to see a lady petrified near the lake’s edge. I reached there, looked around and found a subtle shadow on the other side of the lake, vanishing in the misty-forest of chilling winter night. By the time I regained my blurred vision from that unidentified white reflection many villagers gathered around. Looking at my panicked reaction, villagers out cried with words like ‘Ghost’ ‘Devil’. Without giving the second thought I ran to the forest.

After running for minutes I reached to this dead lonely forest with dry tangled branches. This just looked like dreadful, uncanny extremely isolated hostile place, bringing the feeling of despair. I was totally horrified. Ignorant of what was I search for I waited there to sense any sign of alien, evil or occult existence. At this junction, I tried to peek in every direction under the only light coming through scattered clouds of the full harvest moon. The silence was broken by a howling wolf nearby. My whole body started shaking and I felt my knees weak. I tried not looking into darkness where no light gathered. With my sweat-streaked face I collected the courage to move ahead. I headed few steps until I saw an old dead house with a small gleam of light within it.

Clearing my vision I saw a shadow moving inside. I went close to the house and peeked through the half opened door. Before I could have a glance I was held by a monster. My eyes fell on the iron rod standing next to the door. I grabbed it, turned around and hit this beast as hard as possible. Down he fell with blood flowing through his ears. Just then I saw his crooked, distorted face. His sunken hollow eyes bore into me as though it would rip my very soul from my body. I screamed as loud as I could. Within few minutes the villagers arrived and we were out of this creepy place.

It was early dawn. Unable to sleep I was taking a walk in the village where I had come to spend my vacation. I sat on a broken bench. Lost in the thought of the thrilling experience and the end of mystery in the village, I heard a call from Vaasu – the milkman. “Good job last night!” said he. I nodded and smiled. “I think your help is needed in the neighbouring village too” said he paddling his bicycle. Vaasu vanished in the light of early dawn. … As the dust settled and the sun raised lazily, its watery rays tickling the treetops, I sighed and thought to myself “That was one crazy night… I cant wait to do it again”.


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