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Its FALL !  'Gear up for winter'.  This is what comes to our minds when we enter into fall. A harsh winter is on our way, be prepared. Shop for warm clothes, buy extra socks, new shoes, a new jacket, perhaps even change car tires?? An annual plumbing and heater checks. Phew. Its just like the beginning of a known yet an unknown seasonal war.  Green fields turning to brown. Brown fields turning to barren land, when hay is cut and rolled into neat haystacks.  Leafy green trees turning to yellow or red or orange. Then withering off to outline. Deciduous ! Like the tree saying to itself - Fall away. Science says - When autumn arrives and days get shorter, plants are drought-stressed. Hence deciduous trees decrease their pigment production giving the leaves non green colour. These trees later  lose their leaves to conserve water during winter and grow back in next suitable season. Better to lose than to repair. ( as per wiki ). Every sign in autumn gives us a sense of wi

Lets Mould

Generations and again we (humans) have been thinking what is the right way to nurture kids. More than nurture we think of how can we make them excel.  Excel. Why only excel is we need?  Train them. Tutor them. Coach them. But make them excel. What is that we really want? Fulfilling our incomplete wishes, dreams, our own diminishing aspirations. Though some kids do live up to our expectations. Seldom excel. But majority of them will succumb their own dreams, while some might have even not found one. Another trend in community is to have a 'stand out' kid. While pushing all limits we need our kid to stand out. Do something out of box. Build a machine, be an all rounder or perhaps even fly into the space.  We want it all. Its time we try something different now. Let them be kids. Let them play a little more. Let them be lazy for a while. Act funny with them. Drift away with their own silly dreams.  Train them  - to keep smiling in difficult times. Tutor them - its OK t